Aion is resistance, redefined.

Backed by science and patent-pending technology, Aion offers Wearable Resistance™ to help you get stronger and tear down your mental and physical limits.

Tech that’s made to move.

Each Aion product is carefully designed and engineered to follow your movements and improve your abilities. From the first moment you put on an Aion vest, you’ll sense the difference and feel the resistance.

Dynamic Resistance™

Aion is the first vest that truly distributes resistance evenly to challenge you for your entire session. No matter what move you’re performing, you’ll feel an innate sense of resistance that builds strength and agility.

Compression fit

Aion is nonstop, and so is our fit. By surrounding your core with constant compression, our vests engage your muscles to improve muscle activation, balance and posture, all while promoting active recovery by supporting muscle recovery, blood flow, and circulation.

Heat detox

While the weight is challenging your muscle fibers, Aion’s fabrics are working overtime to capture heat against your skin. This creates a healthy sweat that helps detoxify your system as you train.

Impeccable design

Function and fashion have finally merged. From the cut of our products to the colorways and fabrics we’ve selected, every Aion product is designed to enhance your style.

A message from Aion engineer, Al Fuentes

Your tool for total health and wellness

Tech FAQs

Learn more about the tech that powers Aion.

What are the benefits of resistance vests or clothing?

Studies have shown that resistance clothing has numerous health benefits

That includes:

  • Enhanced physical well-being
  • Optimized athletic performance
  • Improved muscle development
  • Higher caloric expenditure
  • Increased bone density
  • Improvements in posture, stability and mind-body connection

By combining the proven science behind resistance clothing with a compression fit and our proprietary Dynamic Resistance™ technology, we’ve created vests that are above and beyond anything that’s been offered before.

What makes Aion different from other resistance vests?

Aion is the first to combine compression, Dynamic Resistance™ and premium-grade fabrics in one vest. Unlike other vests that stress your back or neck muscles, the resistance from Aion vests feels like it’s part of your body, pushing your system to work harder while maintaining a healthy posture. 

What materials are used in the Workout Vest?

The Workout Vest is made from high-grade neoprene fabric and stainless steel weights. Neoprene is extremely durable and helps create the compression fit of the vest, while the steel weights are designed to be perfectly centered on your chest and back to improve posture and provide a balanced load so you can perform at your best. 

What materials are used in the Boardroom Vest?

The Boardroom Vest is made from faux suede with a quilted texture and refined stitching, which creates a durable and comfortable fit. The placement of the weights is specifically designed to pull your shoulders back, open up your frame, and encourage good posture.