Built to elevate the human experience.

While rebuilding his life after an avalanche of health issues and personal struggles, founder Brent Yates developed Aion to intensify his workouts and help people everywhere to transform themselves.

Challenging your whole self: mind, body, and spirit.

To inspire real change, you have to rethink everything. Each Aion product is designed for people who are ready to revolutionize how they train, work, and give back to the world. It’s not about incremental change, but lasting change. 

Founder’s story

Discover how Brent Yates lost it all and gained it back again by embarking on a quest to find true health and happiness.

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The Gravity of Up

The Aion movement was born from the powerful experiences Brent shares in "The Gravity of Up," his #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling book.

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“As we tackle the next summit and continue to move Up, we want to bring others with us. Together is the only way this thing works.”

-Brent Yates, founder of Aion

For each of the first 20,000 Aion vests sold, we’ll donate $20 to nonprofits that are making a real impact in communities around the world. Your purchase helps start a virtuous cycle of care, support, and inspiration.

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A message from our Founder, Brent Yates

Resources to power your mind, body, and spirit

Join Brent Yates, Founder of Aion, as he sits down with guests to discuss how to be the lead and to own the now.

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Jump in with Al Fuentes, the mind behind Aion vest designs, as he discusses the transformational journey of his guests who have found amazing success by empowering themselves though life’s challenges and experiences.

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Experience the benefits of training your brain with Al Fuentes' 11 Day Visualization Challenge. See if you can keep up with 11 consecutive days!

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Brent Yates hops on The Dr. Ward Bond Show to discuss his bestselling book The Gravity of Up.

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FAQs about Aion

Learn more about our products, our technology and our team.

Where can I buy Aion gear?

Aion offers products exclusively through our website. We’re building a thriving community (online and IRL) based on our shared mindset and our focus on achieving greatness.

How do I pronounce “Aion”?

Aion is pronounced like "ion." Inspired by the concepts of eternity and longevity, we aim to give you more vitality and help you make the most of your time.

How do I join in on the Aion mindset?

The Aion mindset is for everyone. Aion was born from the experience of serial entrepreneur and bestselling motivational author Brent Yates, representing his journey to rebuild his mind, body, and spirit. In his bestselling book “The Gravity Of UP,” Yates faced a rock-bottom moment, battling declining health and deep despair. He developed Aion as a tool to help transform his own life and elevate his own health and wellness. If you’re someone who’s committed to creating lasting change in your life, and redefining what’s possible for yourself, then you’re already living out the Aion mindset. If you're looking for support on your transformational journey, that's exactly why we created the Aion Mind & Body Journal.

Where can I learn more about Brent Yates?

Learn more about Brent at his website, brentyates.com.