Gravity Of Up

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Aion founder Brent Yates discovered his own transformational journey when he was at his lowest: incapacitated by a mysterious illness, a crumbling marriage, shattered family relationships, and suicidal thoughts. How he learned to reject those negative attitudes — and keep them down — is the story of The Gravity of Up. 

And it’s a story we can all relate to — and learn from. Whether it’s depression, loneliness, a feeling that life is without purpose — or maybe simply being stuck in the moment — The Gravity of Up provides a blueprint for a world-altering mindset. As Brent chronicles his harrowing passage from brokenness to holistic health, he shares the keys to unshackle yourself and propel forward into a richer life. 

Aion’s “adventure in change” is a direct reflection of Brent’s belief that, “Abundance, gratefulness and purpose is our fuel for every day.” Discover your growth and your transformation in this inspiring and honest autobiography — written for everyone looking to overcome their past and evolve into a more plentiful future.

Publishing Details
  • Publisher: Forefront Books
  • First publication: November 1, 2022
  • Length: 224 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781637630075
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