Every move inspires action.

We want to create a world where each person can discover their unique purpose, thrive as their authentic self, and control their own future. Your Aion purchase helps us get closer to that reality.

Get the vest. Change the world.

For each of the first 20,000 Aion vests sold, we’ll donate $20 to nonprofits that are building community and helping those in need. That includes $10 from your purchase and $10 in matching funds from founder Brent Yates’ organization, Restore Us. At checkout, select which nonprofit you’d like to receive the donation. Like us, they’re focused on mind, body, and spirit. 

With a unique model of giving, Restore Us sees a need and rushes to meet that need. Brent and Christina Yates founded Restore Us with a burning passion to love and serve people.

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Athletes in Action connects athletes, coaches, and administrators to create a sense of community within sports teams and to help players develop physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Offering coaching and training for church leaders, Accelerate Group equips pastors and their spouses to achieve long-term success in ministry and marriage.


Giving Guitars creates hope and inspiration through the power of music, providing guitars and funding to America’s homeless shelters, youth centers, and foster homes.


With a presence in North America, Asia, Africa, and Europe, Orchard Group connects church founders with funding sources to build new churches in cities across the globe.


Time2Play offers many programs to all kids, and no kid will be left out because of their financial, physical, or health situation. From sports and summer camps, home school, and after-school programs to all types of fun events, they offer several different ways to help impact kids' lives.

A message from our Founder, Brent Yates

We’re all moving up. But we can’t get there alone.

Our transformational journey is a shared journey. And the more people we can inspire and support, the better. As you push yourself to become who you were meant to be, reach out and pull someone else up with you.

Aion Values

Our values guide everything we do at Aion. No matter how we expand and grow, we’ll always return to these four ideas that anchor us.

Giving Back

Sharing our resources helps lift people up, reflects our shared values, and helps each of us feel fulfilled.


We foster an environment where support and guidance are abundant, propelling everyone towards greatness. We’re united to break barriers.


Nothing is impossible. We take a fearless approach to pursuing goals and help people take charge of their lives. Everyone has the power to shape their own destiny.

Commitment to Wellness

Wellness is more than physical health. We believe in creating overall well-being through spiritual guidance, mental strength, and powerful connections between the mind and body.