You were born for movement. But if you use the same training regimen again and again, your body will get complacent. Break out of your comfort zone with a cardio workout that includes an Aion resistance vest. Your body will notice the difference instantly, and will rise to meet the challenge.

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Ready to run? Bring Aion with you.

No cardio workout is complete without an Aion vest. Invigorate your system with the added Dynamic Resistance™ that forces your body to build more endurance, boost lung capacity and even increase bone density. And with Aion’s compression fit and heat detox technology, you’ll burn more calories while creating a healthy sweat that detoxifies you as you train.

  • Improve cardiovascular health increasing lung capacity

  • Enhance muscular endurance

  • Boost metabolism to burn more calories
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Ambassador Approved

Kyle Robbins

Aion ambassador Kyle spends a lot of time pounding the pavement. Adding Aion to her long runs has helped take his conditioning above and beyond. 

“No doubt about it, Aion is a turning point for my cardio training. I really appreciate how the vest just feels like an extension of my body while I’m running.”

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