Core Strength

The core is the foundation of all movement. Strengthen yours by incorporating an Aion vest into your core workouts. It’s a simple addition that will intensify your movements, engage muscles more completely and target the deep abdominal muscles that are the key to athletic performance and a pain-free life.

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Get Aion. And get stronger to your core.

Aion’s compression fit surrounds your core with Dynamic Resistance™, helping you improve posture and focus on your most important muscles. Whether you want to lower the risk of back pain or boost your overall stability, the Aion vest is a tool that can make your time in the gym more effective & more efficient.

  • Activates core stabilizer muscles

  • Enhances stability and functional strength

  • Increases muscle engagement 
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Ambassador Approved

Brittany Cates

To ignite her core muscles and prevent back pain, Brittany trusts her Aion vest for strength & conditioning. 

“I noticed a change the very first time I trained with Aion. It gives your core muscles that extra challenge they need to support your whole body, however you want to move.”

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