Plyometric training with Aion is a massive leap forward in strength and conditioning. Integrate your Aion vest into any plyometrics regimen to see improvements in coordination, joint strength and overall power. And keep moving onward and upward.

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Explosive moves. Exceptional resistance.

Aion vests push plyometrics to a higher level with Dynamic Resistance™ that moves naturally with you. By training your fast-twitch muscle fibers with added resistance, you can improve power and agility in less time. Whether you’re training for functional strength or athletic performance, Aion and plyometrics are the teammates that will get you to where you need to be.

  • Develop fast-twitch muscle fibers for athletic performance  

  • Develop more explosiveness

  • Create greater coordination and agility
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Ambassador Approved

Shane Wallen

For Aion ambassador Shane, every minute in the gym matters. Before doing his box jumps, he puts on hir Aion vest to amp up the intensity.

“Plyometrics are exhausting, but they pay off. My Aion vest helps me get even more out of an already crazy-intense workout.”

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