Sport-Specific Movement

Want  to play your best this season? Incorporate an Aion vest into your sport-specific training. You’ll build agility, balance and coordination and elevate your performance through more intense and intentional movements.

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Athletes are built, not born.

For dedicated competitors, nothing improves your play like strength and conditioning. Aion vests introduce a new level of versatility to your workouts, with Dynamic Resistance™ that lets your body move naturally while pushing you harder. Off season or in season, train for greatness with Aion as part of your sport-specific regimen.

  • Increase speed, agility, and power

  • Develop more explosiveness & strength

  • Develop fast-twitch muscle fibers for athletic performance
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Ambassador Approved

Jarryd Wallace

As a fierce competitor and Paralympian, Jarryd trains with the top gear giving him the edge every athlete seeks. He added Aion to his training and has never looked back.

“In my sport, endurance is everything. Aion helps me stay at my best for longer.”

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