Walking with Gratitude

If you’re intentional about your walks, Aion vests are for you. Be mindful about your surroundings, your breathing and your body as you feel the invisible resistance wrap your frame during each step.

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A more mindful way to stay healthy & burn calories.

Walking with gratitude can reset your day, get you grounded and help you stay in touch with your body’s signals. And when you walk with an Aion vest, you’re adding a little additional challenge to each movement. You’ll feel a sense of gratefulness and reassurance while asking your body to expend more effort and get stronger.

  • Increase cardiovascular fitness and calorie burn

  • Engage muscles more intensely, promoting strength and muscle endurance
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Ambassador Approved

Lauren Jarreau

Aion ambassador Lauren rarely stops moving. And when she steps out for a brisk walk to organize her thoughts, she goes in Aion. 

“I start every day with a long walk around the neighborhood. When I take that walk with an Aion vest, I feel a sense of self-improvement that helps to get me going.”

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