Reimagine your yoga practice with Aion. By adding Dynamic Resistance™ to traditional yoga poses, your body is forced to adapt, building supplemental strength and muscle tone while creating a better mind-body connection.

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Inner peace. Increased power.

Like yoga itself, Aion is designed to nurture your mind, body and spirit. Our technology was developed in consultation with physiological and mental health experts, creating an experience that both challenges you and reassures you. Add an Aion vest to your yoga regimen to get benefits beyond your usual routine.

  • Develop greater stability and proprioception

  • Increase full body strength

  • Create a stronger mind-body connection
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Ambassador Approved

Jacob Manning

Yoga enthusiast and brand ambassadorJacob rarely hits the mat without his Aion vest.

“Yoga is my escape and my time to really challenge my body. This Aion vest takes it to another level with resistance that moves organically with me.”

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